Current Litters



To see current pics of the puppies in our litters follow the link to Presley German Shepherd Facebook page. We try to keep our puppy pics as updated as possible on there,

Metuka and Fiona litter born 4/13/19 (ten puppies)go to Pigeon Ridge German Shepherds


Sunny and Xander litter born 4/29/19 (5 puppies)Go to Pigeon Ridge German Shepherds

Cruz and Luna litter born 5/11/19  (9 puppies)

Xander and Adelida litter born 5/14/19 (6 puppies)

Cruz and Laika litter born 5/18/19 ( 9 puppies)











Upcoming Litters

Ace and Lotte  litter due 7/12/19